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KOEHNE & KRUEGEL feat. INUSA DAWUDA - Secret Place (Official Video)

As a suitable follow-up of the worldwide radio and club smashers “The Sun Always Shines on T.V.“ and “Go Solo“ KOEHNE & KRUEGEL are on the road again with another sunny chart attack.

Following the female singers Janine Delon and Jasmiina the two producers from Hamburg present this time INUSA DAWUDA, wrote and recorded a groovy tune which fits to Inusa like a musical glove. Indeed Inusa is here a pretty good choice because his clubhits “Morning Light“, “Rumours (Digi Digi)“, “Down Down Down“ and many others build up a very good foundation. He will be ready as well for perfoming his new exclusive release live on all relevant stages around the world.

The track “Secret Place“ has got everything you need for a good mood: A catchy hook, a groovy Dance Pop Beat and on top Inusas unmistakable reggae-touched vocals. A moving song about love and music, once listened to it ́s impossible to get it out of your head again. This atmo of sandy beachesand sunsets is additionally underlined by the colorful music video, topping thispackage off.

The radio version gets completed by two additional remixes for various floors:The 123 BPM Monoloop Remix for house Djs and as an alternative for beach clubs the cool Tropikind Remix to cater for all tastes. Get on this chilling beat and soon the song together with Inusa ́s remarkable voice will lead you to your own personal secret place

Stream & download: FadersportRec.lnk.to/SecretPlace

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