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Julia Voice ft. Inusa Dawuda - No One (Official Video) + Oxy remix

Get ready to groove with...’No One’

A POWERFUL pair of talented performers have teamed up to deliver up a potent slice of groovy pop in the shape of the shortly to be released single No-One.

Julia Voice and Inusa Dawuda (a.k.a. the “Black Pharaoh”) locked themselves into musical synchronicity to deliver a song with a positive message.

A musical creation from two different artists from two different parts of the world their united vision is about kindness and the warmth of love, real friends and an adventurous outlook on the world.

The duo said: “We would like all the viewers remember about their most loved people and reach out even over the years and distance!“

As well as the groove filled release there will be a progressive dance and club remix by OXY, as well as a stunning video shot against breathtaking landscapes.

Lyrics were penned by Julia and Inusa, with the music composed by Julia.

Inusa Dawuda has his work released on recording labels from BMG to Universal Music, Pacha Recordings, Tiger Records- Kontor Records, Hed Kandi to Kingdom of Music with his summery sounds captivating a loyal fan base throughout Europe and beyond. His music is finding its way onto playlists and club charts worldwide, while Julia has been scoring plays in clubs across Asia.


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