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Inusa Dawuda & Oxy - Happy Love (Original Mix)

Inusa Dawuda and OXY unleash a wave of positivity across the world with the release of their new single ‘Happy Love’.
Built on a vision of a world brimming with love, friends an adventure it is a progressive house tune that you can’t help tapping your feet to and getting down with the groove.

Out now on major platforms it is the latest work from the pair, and one set to build on their growing fan base.
Last year Inusa and Oxy released the successful ‘Give Me Sunshine’ to much acclaim from fans and critics. Having bathed in their ‘Sunshine’ it’s time to bathe in their ‘Happy Love’.
It is a song with a joyful progressive feel and a strong house style.

Inusa – a.k.a. The Black Pharao – has been caring out a reputation for mastering the perfect blends to captivate audiences.

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