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Makandi - Galaxy (Official Music Video)

Lançamento do projeto Makandi direto do selo Fly Records da Romênia com a track "Galaxy". Uma canção sobre o amor e como ele pode mudar o seu universo.

It’s COOL, it’s YOUNG, it’s SPICY, it leaves a mark on your skin and for sure YOU WON’T FORGET IT. Makandi is just love for music, in every simple but maybe unusual way. No names of members, no background but with a future of shows all around the world, with crazy parties till sunrise and people that cannot forget the word "Makandi". No hometown, but with so many destinations in its mind.

Makandi is the project with no identity because it starts its story with you, the one who listens its music. Galaxy is the first single and video, released worldwide and promoted with Fly Records in the Summer of 2016. It's a song about love and how it can change the universe you live in. Listen to it, feel the vibe and follow its path and maybe the secret of identity will someday be revealed.


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